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Ramadan is a holy month of fasting for Muslims around the world; a time of spiritual renewal, charity and reflection. IRCNFF Peer Champion Imam Mohammed Bemat, Imam of the Newmarket mosque, marked the third Friday of Ramadan by educating this congregation about violence against women and sharing resources about abuse with the community.

Abuse and isolation go hand in hand. In many domestic violence situations, what happens “behind closed doors” is supposed to be kept secret, in the home, or the “family’s business”. When there are public events about violence and abuse, it is a powerful way to break the silence.

IRCNFF Peer Champions along with Dulce María Aguilar Ulloa, formed a new grassroots initiative called Floreciendo en Comunidad (“Flourishing in Community”). This initiative will host several events to promote education, awareness, and action on domestic violence within diverse Latin American communities in Ottawa.

Saturday June 10th. A silent mindful walk by the lake where love is the focus. Promoting peace, safety, and joy for all women and children.

Too often, domestic violence is seen as private “family business” - something that happens behind closed doors. But domestic violence is not a private issue - it’s a community issue. It takes a community to make sure that women and children can live safe and free from abuse.