E-Module 2

Family Violence Against Immigrant & Refugee Women: Community Development Strategies (PV201)

This training is intended for immigrant service and other community-based organizations that are in a unique capacity to reach vulnerable and/or isolated immigrant women and their communities. It addresses the need to enhance domestic violence prevention strategies to reach immigrant and refugee women, including women without legal immigration status, trafficked women and women from racialized low-income communities.

The objective of this training is to build capacity for domestic violence prevention in the immigrant community. Training activities and resource development aims to enhance the professional competency and skills level of immigrant service providers for prevention of family abuse and to provide them with resources for outreach and awareness activities within a community development perspective. The project will also enhance the coordination and linkages among immigrant service workers and other service and community workers in a specific geographic area or ethno-specific community resulting in an increased capacity to identify and address systemic causes of violence.

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