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Service providers have an important role to play in addressing violence against immigrant and refugee women. Individuals and organizations benefit from ongoing capacity building, which can include training.

Here are some training resources:

OCASI’s E-learning training “Responding to Sexual Violence in Immigrant and Refugee Communities” is a free course for service providers who directly support immigrant and refugee communities. The focus of the course is “to better understand issues of sexual violence and develop a supportive response for survivors.”

At the end of the course, participants will be able to

  • Analyze the issue of sexual violence from a gendered and anti-oppression framework
  • Critically analyze the realities of immigrant and refugee women who have experienced sexual violence in the context of structural and systemic barriers
  • Understand the broad range of supports available to survivors of sexual violence
  • Understand the legislative responses to sexual violence in Canada
  • Identify information and tools on how to support survivors of sexual violence including: effectively responding to disclosures, safety planning with women and making effective referrals
  • Identify ways of promoting community and social change by engaging survivors of sexual violence in organizational change, bridging sectors, promoting inter-agency information sharing and referrals, case coordination and public education

Ongoing Training

OCASI also provides many other self-directed trainings on VAW which can be accessed at

Luke’s Place provides a number of trainings to service providers, and also has a good web based resource with training materials at

Springtide Resources provides a number of trainings (both online and in person), with information available at

METRAC offers a number of trainings including on community safety audits and with a focus on youth. Their training information can be found at

International Training

The US Office for Victims of Crime Training and Technical Assistance Centre offers online resources for victim service providers and allied professionals. For Victim Assistance Training, visit here.

For Sexual Assault Counselor/Advocate Training, visit here

End Violence Against Women International (based in the US) has developed an OnLine Training Institute (OLTI) with a range of training resources and modules. Visit lInk.

End Violence Against Women International (based in the US) has developed an OnLine Training Institute (OLTI) with a range of training resources and modules. Visit here.

Training and Learning Events

Ontario Association of Interval & Transition Houses (OAITH) provides training through their online portal. Read more here.

Dr. Robin Mason and Dr. Brenda Toner developed a training curriculum called “Making Connections: When Domestic Violence, Mental Health and Substance Use Problems Co-Occur” which can be accessed online. Visit

The Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women & Children provides online training through “learning to end abuse” which is focused on violence prevention, education and research. Visit

The Neighbours, Friends and Families (NFF)Campaign through community organizationshas developed and used several resourceswhich could be very helpful for you as aservice provider, or for your organization.

Here are some presentations, case studies and tools created by NFF funded agencies.